Notifying users (covers emails, mobile, timeline)

Notifying users (covers emails, mobile, timeline)

  • Signals are useful for your dashboards, but they can also be configured to notify users across the Yellowfin mobile application, their email and their Yellowfin Stories as a timeline notification. 

    These broadcast settings provide enhanced collaboration functionality across the Yellowfin platform for your Signals to be shared, discussed, followed and acted upon. If you need a particular user to take action, you can also assign a specific owner and allow Signals to be managed via a workflow until a conclusion is reached and actions taken are agreed upon.

    When the Signal is delivered, it provides the user with additional information to assist them in understanding the root cause of the data event. This is valuable context that can help the user identify other correlated data events from the same or different data source, whether through further manual exploration of dashboards or using the Assisted Insights for auto-analysis.

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