Risk & Compliance

Your role is crucial to the integrity of the business and safety of its employees. You want to measure compliance, risk levels and audit scores across all departments. To do that, you need access to key metrics and analytics that are understood at-a-glance, wherever you are. Assess and explore your risk and compliance data with Yellowfin.

Experience real-time, secure analytics on any device with easy-to-consume visualizations and the ability to drill to detail. Track the percentage of updated policies and procedures, as well as how many have been published to staff. Monitor the number and frequency of audits. Track your audit score ratings and ISO scores. Visualize your percentage of risks and mitigations. Know compliance adoption rates and any unresolved risks with analytics at your fingertips.

See how Yellowfin is enabling organizations to optimize their compliance and mitigate risks across the business.

Don't just take our word for it.

Discover how Yellowfin is helping people like you maintain transparency and easily comply with industry regulations to minimize risk and maximize organizational value.

“Yellowfin has given our clients the reporting and analytics functionality they need to assess their Governance, Risk Management and Compliance data to improve operational decision-making and strategic planning.”

Beven Schwaiger – CEO, Integrum Management Systems

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