Whats in store for Yellowfin 4?

Whats in store for Yellowfin 4?

Yellowfin is very excited to announce the content for our upcoming release 4.0, scheduled for release mid year 2008. Why go from 3.3 to 4.0? Well this is a huge release with significant changes to most of the Yellowfin application – including new schema design that will support our development plan for the next 2 years. Optimised query generation, much easier and more flexible view creation and analytical dashboards are just some of the highlights of this release. 

As usual we have had a lot of help in coming up with the key development initiatives.  Thankyou to everyone who took part in the Beacon survey, earlier this year. As well as to those that gave us great ideas over the past six months or so.  Your feedback continues to be critical to driving our innovation. 

The major changes in this release include:
Analytic Dashboards

The ability to link multiple reports together on a dashboard tab whereby when you interact with one (say drill down on region) the associated reports are all filtered by the same region selected.  You will also be able to add standard report portlets to KPI tabs. This new level of interaction will provide end users with greater insight into their data.

Map and Image Charts

Improving data visualisation is one of the goals of Yellowfin. With 4.0 you will be able to link your data to maps or images (eg a floor plan) and apply bubble charts or heat maps to them.  So region based reporting will become far more interactive and visually appealing.


Optimised Query Generation

For reports built on Yellowfin views changes to the SQL generation will be optimised so that only joins and tables relevant to the query will be used within a report.  All redundant joins will be dropped. This means that queries will run faster by being more efficient.

Enhanced View Builder

One of the areas in which we have received significant feedback is the Yellowfin view builder.  Release 4.0 greatly enhances the functionality of the process but more importantly has vastly improved the interface. This really sets the benchmark for meta-data design!  


Formatting and Report Functionality

Not to be forgotten the report out put process will also be improved with a host of changes that add functionality and visual appeal – with out adding additional complexity to the interface.

These are only some of the changes for 4.0.  Stayed tuned as we approach our release to hear more about what is in store.

This release builds on the fantastic achievements of 3.2. Our focus continues to be on improving data visualisation (without sacrificing ease of use) and assisting our OEM partners to deliver excellence in embedded BI solutions. We are very excited about the functionality that is to be delivered in this release.

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