Many Eyes – Collaboration and Data Visualisation

Many Eyes – Collaboration and Data Visualisation

At Yellowfin we love to check out what other people are doing with regard to data visualisation and information collaboration – and we don’t mind sharing it either.  We came across this Many Eyes awhile ago and thought it was worth a second look.

Many Eyes is a fascinating piece out of the IBM labs (lets just say there must be some interest in the presentation layer). Under the guise of Many Eyes this offers the opportunity to visualise a myriad of data types and share these with a community. The big problem here is working through the clutter to find something you really want.

Many Eyes is part of IBM’s Collaborative User Experience research group, where they explore information visualizations that help people collectively make sense of data. The Visual Communication Lab embarked on a project to encourage sharing and conversation around visualizations. They believe that visualizations gain power when multiple people use them to communicate, and that communication gains power when multiple people can visualize and explore information together. They want to democratize visualization, enabling anyone on the internet to publish powerful interactive visualizations and start their own data conversations. Many Eyes is designed to bring that power to you.

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