How cool are Bullet Charts for KPI reporting?

How cool are Bullet Charts for KPI reporting?

Bullet graphs were invented by Stephen Few as a compact, data-rich, and efficient alternative to gauges on a dashboard. Below is an example of a bullet graph with labelled parts.

How do they work?
Unlike the sparkline which enables trend visualisation the bullet chart is used to view and interpret a spot figure similar in function to a meter or gauge chart.

You need to define 3 elements for the chart to be effective:

  1. For qualitative interpretation you need to define the associated range of values of “Bad,” “Fair,” and “Good,” based on the colour-coding of the bars.
  2. That target value – what is the threshold that I wish my data to achieve?
  3. What actual value has been obtained for this reporting period.

So what do Yellowfin plan to do with them?

After all that scratching of heads we are incorporating these into our KPI tabs. It is the perfect way to add visualisation to what has until now been a more numeric based delivery.

So hold your breath for 3.3 to see these charts in action in conjunction with Sparklines too – providing both spot and trend visualisation within a table format..

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