Yellowfin Visualising easier BI with 3.2

Yellowfin Visualising easier BI with 3.2

Yellowfin is excited to announce the release of Yellowfin 3.2.  The major theme of Release 3.2 is enhanced data visualisation and user interaction.  We have not forgotten all the integration options you need to so yep there is more of that as well.  So what are the highlights?  Well these include:

  • KPI Dashboard Tabs
  • Improved Charting
  • More Flexible Analytic Functions
  • Data Annotations – Wow!
  • Reporting from Stored Procedures
  • Freehand SQL reports – with formatting!

And a whole lot more…..

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the demos on the Yellowfin home page.


Yellowfin 3.2 Making BI even easier

We have made a huge number of changes to our charting options with some very exciting additions such as a time slider which allows you to zoom into large time series and annotations which allow you to comment on particular data points.

To our dashboard we have introduced the KPI tab style – this allows you to scan a large set of metrics and determine their current status.

For the analytically inclined we have introduced a large range of statistical functions such as regression and moving averages, and since these functions can be customised you have even greater power at your finger tips.

Additional Filter options mean that you can really tailor user parameters to assist your users get the most out of their reports.

Then lets not forget the AJAX – we have added a touch more – remembering that you can go overboard with a good thing we keep implementing it where it makes sense.

Just because Yellowfin is easy to use does not mean you have to forego the functionality you require.  So we say thankyou to all those people that provided us with valuable feedback, suggestions and support for this release.  Till next time.  The Yellowfin team!


Release 3.3

As part of the Beacon program all clients and partners will be given the opportunity to influence the next release cycle.  Release 3.3 is scheduled for release in December 2007

For information on how to participate please see the Beacon program for more details.



For our customers migrating to 3.2 please refer to the forum for migration instructions.

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