KMSI go fishing in Japan

KMSI go fishing in Japan


Kyocera Maruzen System Integration (KMSI) has launched Yellowfin 3.2 into the Japanese market, one of the largest software markets in the world.

This is an exciting time for us at Yellowfin; it represents the culmination of a growing relationship with KMSI and the result of a lot of hard work undertaken by both of us to ensure that Yellowfin is localised for the Japanese market.  The Japanese are world renowned for their dedication to quality and refinement and so we see this as a great testament for the Japanese version of Yellowfin.

We are highly confident that KMSI, with their excellent skills and Business Intelligence expertise, will do an excellent job of promoting and supporting Yellowfin in Japan. 


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To find out more about the Japanese launch please visit:,3800075480,00019946p,00.htm,3800075553,00019946p,00.htm



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