Industry Trend Report for BI

Industry Trend Report for BI

Another survey is out to tell us it is all that BI is moving onwards and upwards. Not to be afraid of Web2.0 TDWI says "The IT industry’s migration from mainframes to client/server and to the Web (fat and thin) and its subsequent adoption of Web services, composite applications, and Web 2.0 constructs have had or will have major ramifications on the BI tools market." Well that’s only if your BI application was not web based to start with!

The major news in this report is that, "Most leading BI vendors have made significant headway in creating a unified architecture for supporting core BI capabilities, which generally now include: ad hoc query, end user reporting, production reporting, analysis (i.e., OLAP), dashboards, Office integration, and BI portals. All these capabilities, which were once packaged and sold as separate products within "BI suites," now use a common set of services and infrastructure to provide greater levels of product integration."

Luckily for Yellowfin users this has never been an issue – with our unified architecture you do not have to worry about how the application has been patched together.

Several other significant software trends are outlined in the TDWI Tech Market Report, including:

  1. AJAX, Flash and Flex: how Web 2.0 technologies are enhancing traditional BI tools with richer, more interactive interfaces
  2. Advanced analytics: the increased use of sophisticated technologies such as predictive analytics, text mining and text analytics
  3. Microsoft Office integration: the ubiquity of the Office suite and corresponding development by BI vendors to incorporate suite functionality
  4. Federated data access: the growth of enterprise information integration (EII) and other right-time data access strategies, including operational BI
  5. In-memory processing: the impact of 64-bit chips across the industry

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